Saturday, 31 January 2009


sat on top of swing for a couple of minutes


swatson said...

beautiful shots of a beautiful bird denis

denzil said...

aren't they a magnificent bird,don't want it around too often though.

swatson said...

we had one visiting up to three times a day a month or so ago.Was a worrying time

denzil said...

i know what you mean,we lost 2 sparrows in the summer, glad i didn't see the kill, just found the feathers and beaks, not seen this one for a few months and then twice in a matter of days, i wonder why that is would anybody know.

JooMoo said...

Magnificent is not the first word that came to mind from those pics. It was "comical". He does look a bit silly.

Lynmiranda said...

Lovely picture of your Sparrowhawk. He looks relaxed in your garden :-) by the way he is resting on one leg :-)

denzil said...

hi lynmiranda, i know, isn't that odd, he's here most everyday, all the little birds have gone.

David said...

Nice Pictures!
And a beautifull Bird.
Keep the good work going.

Jayne said...

Really is a magnificent looking bird but I'm glad to say the one we have flying past can stay that way, doesn't stop me enjoying it's beauty on your blog mind Denis
thank you