Sunday, 22 March 2009

At long last, after 5 attempts and i don't know how many hours and materials used i think that i have finally outsmarted the sheppies, put mealworm feeder mark 6 up on friday night the sheppies swarmed all over it but didn't manage to enter, the next test was to see if mr robin could get in, he tried several times on friday night but couldn't figure it out, got up bright and early saturday morning made a cup of tea and waited for the show to begin, the robin came and straight away flew inside gobbled a few up and then took a mouthful off to his mate, the sheppies have been trying ever since but can't get under the 32mm gap, ( not yet anyway) there was a funny carry on this afternoon , i heard all this commotion going on, looked outside to see the robin inside and 3 sheppies going mad at him from the outside was too slow to get the photo.


swatson said...

WELL DONE!!!!!!you clever thing great photos aswell

denzil said...

thanks sheila, thought i'd never get there, will keep updates and pics ongoing, the robins have nested a couple of gardens away, hoping they nest in ours with 2nd brood.