Monday, 28 September 2009

sheppie pie

generally i make one of these per week, i put all kinds of things in, biscuits, cakes, bird seed, sultanas, dog food, lard and suet, the sheppies love it, and with so many tucking in it doesn't last that long.



ShySongbird said...

My goodness, they were tucking into that well, what a lucky lot they are. I noticed you mentioned a sheppie pie once before and I remember for one brief horrible moment it conjured up something awful in my mind's eye, a certain nursery rhyme....!!

denzil said...

I do love the sheppies ShySongbird but i don't think i could eat a full one, things are quiet here at the moment.

karen said...

Some great pics denis!!Those sturks dont miss a trick do they!!! Very spoilt! x

swatson said...

brilliant denis,