Sunday, 6 December 2009

our 2 new pups

our 2 little shorkies, the white one we have called sasha fierce and the brown one is cassie- tzu, their mother is a yorkshire terrier and the father a shitzu, our missy thinks they are hers.


ShySongbird said...

They are absolutely gorgeous Denis! What little sweeties, you and your wife are obviously as besotted by dogs as I am. How lovely that Missy has taken to them so well, I look forward to seeing and reading more of them.

I hope the dreary weather is not treating you too badly.

denzil said...

hi shysongbird, they are an early christmas present for the mrs, she says i'm mad to have 5 dogs in the house, saying that, she has already started knitting their winter jumpers,


karen said...

Oh my lord Denis, how much cuter can you get!!!! Absolutely beautiful, and im so glad Missy has taken to them too! Look forward to the updates on their progress xxxx

denzil said...

thanks karen, it will be interesting to see what they turn out like.


swatson said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.......pleased missy loves them..but who would'nt
thanks for your kind thoughts on my blog......difficult times and hoping for better.All the best for 2010