Sunday, 10 October 2010


we saw him take one of our greenfinch last sunday, today he wasn't so lucky.


Geordie Magpie said...

Beautiful bird and pic

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos, Denis, you captured it beautifully!

There is one visiting our garden again, I haven't spotted it but I can tell by the piles of feathers and the fact that the feeders don't need filling so much. The birds have obviously become wary, hopefully they will return when it moves on.

I couldn't help laughing at your previous post :) Those Starlings will get into anything! I had a juvenile stuck in a fat/suet ball feeder last year and my husband had to cut it out with a small pair of wire cutters, thankfully it seemed OK :)

denzil said...

thanks geordie, it doesn't seem to scare easily, which gives you the time to set the camera up, will try to get one, which isn't through the glass next time.

hi jan, it is a beautiful bird but you don't want it in your garden too often, we felt awful when it took one of our greenfinches last week, as i'm writing this i've just looked out of the window, and it is perched once again on the nut feeder, thankfully it hasn't got anything, those starlings have to be seen to be believed, you have to give them top marks for effort and ingenuity.