Tuesday, 9 June 2009

missy at 12 weeks

she is now 12 weeks old and up to all kinds of mischief, she is house trained, we put that down to our shitzus, will be another 5 days before we can take her out with the shitzus for a walk, the mrs is looking for a nice pink harness, think i will hold the shitzus.



Anonymous said...

What amazing little characters, bet missy cant wait to taste the outside world.

swatson said...

oh denis she is just a beautiful little thing bet she rules the roost

karen said...

Denis, she is absolutely beautiful. How shes grown! I think a pink harness will look fab!! After all, she is a little girl!!x

denzil said...

thanks geordie, hope she's ok on the lead, she just wears the other 2 down sheila, maybe buy a black one as well karen, just in case i have to take her out on my own ha ha.


Jayne said...

Ohhhhh Denis they are all just delightful but I'll bet i know who rules the roost - poor older dogs I'll bet she gives them some grief lol

ShySongbird said...

She is progressing so well Denis, go on be a devil and use the pink one you could have a matching shoulder bag to put the pooper scooper in!!!

Congrats on the Bullfinches, I'm very envious!