Monday, 8 June 2009

mr & mrs bullfinch

we were delighted to see these two in our garden, a first for us.


karen said...

Must have been a lovely sight denis, ive never seen one in my garden!!!Well done x

swatson said...

great sighting denis.never had one feed although they have visited for a quick dip

Jayne said...

Still getting our pair here Denis, the most beautiful bird we have in the garden in my opinion although OH seems to prefer the Male Chaffinch!!!

denzil said...

thank you, it's a first for us karen, seen them on your blog sheila but never thought we would get the honour, i myself jayne think that the goldfinch is our most beautiful looking visitor but i suppose everyone has their favourite looking one.


Dave J. said...

Hi Denzil
Nice site, keep up the good work, Luv your dogs