Thursday, 8 July 2010

the bug

does anyone know what this bug is called, found it crawling up the gable end of our house the other day, very interesting looking thing.


ShySongbird said...

Hello Denis, What a little cracker that is. I'm pretty sure it is a Hawthorn Shield Bug. Apparently it also shares the name 'stinkbug' with many other shield bugs due to it exuding a pungent fluid when alarmed! So I hope you didn't get a whiff :)

So sorry to have missed commenting on the previous post, I honestly thought I had but I seem to do that a lot :( All of your lovely little dogs looked beautiful after their session at the beauty parlour :) Missy looked particularly elegant and Cass looked like she was smiling for the camera.

denzil said...

thanks jan, i somehow knew that you would be the one to identify the bug, glad i didn't get too close.

Anonymous said...

Nice shield bug !!!