Saturday, 3 July 2010

our dogs

the dogs went to the groomers yesterday, took their photos before they get chance to mess it up.


Anonymous said...

They look very smart even before they head off to the groomers.Cassy is really posing.

karen said...

Just beautiful Denis!! Missy looks adorable!!But they all do xxx Hope you are keeping well xxx

denzil said...

didn't last long geordie. the two pups (we still think of missy as a pup), they were back to as though it had never happened within the day, hi karen everybody ok here, hope you are too. cass is due to come in season anytime now, don't think we'll bother with the knickers, (she's that lively we probably wouldn't get them on her anyway we are still umming and aying over wether we should let missy breed or not, the problem then would be that we would want to keep all the pups.haha.