Wednesday, 29 December 2010

the wren

quite an elusive bird to photograph.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic photo,well done they dont stay still for long. I had my first Wren visit this month.

holdingmoments said...

Always on the move. Well caught.

ShySongbird said...

Hi Denis, Well done! they are so difficult to catch on camera. I had one right outside the window a few weeks back but it just wouldn't stay still long enough for me to photograph it.

Lovely to see the LTT on the last post too, I haven't seen one in my garden for quite a while.

Yes, definitely a male Blackcap on the older post!

denzil said...

thanks geordie, yeah had to wait quite a while,
thanks for visiting my blog holdingmoments.
hi jan, we have quite a few of the ltts at the minute, they come in numbers for a short while, then off they go again.