Sunday, 19 April 2009

bluetits find the nestbox

we have been gardening all day but the birds didn't seem to mind us, it was only this evening that we noticed the bluetits going in and out of the sparrow terrace box with nesting material, as this box has three entry holes and therefore three separate nest boxes i didn't put a webcam in any of them, will just have to keep taking the photos.


swatson said...

WELL DONE denis,and a great photo there.Keep us updated.Cant wait until the little ones are popping their heads out

karen said...

Thats great Denis! You are SO lucky, i have no nesters! Think its because of next doors damn cat! Look forward to seeing the baby pics! karen

Jayne said...

Now I'm really envious Denis lol, the holes in ours have been bitten to death but neither of the boxes appears top be being used!!!!
great shots mind!!

denzil said...

thans everyone, will certainly keep you updated with comments and pics.