Tuesday, 21 April 2009


i've been trying to get a photo of this little fellow for the past week or so.



swatson said...

well done denis.He is a little beauty.I think the chaffinch is an underrated bird look at his lovely head

denzil said...

he was very hard to photo sheila because he never uses the feeders, always on the ground underneath the bushes, he is a handsome devil.


Jayne said...

Such a lovely looking bird the male chaffinch, I've seen our male on the front garden feeder a couple of times Denis but more usually we catch them ground feeding at the bottom of the back garden out of lens range!!!! - Well done in your capture of him!!!

denzil said...

thanks jayne

karen said...

Lovely pic of the chaffinch denis, well done for capturing him!!like sheila said, hes got a lovely head, karen